Partner sites International HBSC site Addiction Switzerland
www.bag.admin/.. Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)  Swiss Monitoring System of Addiction and Noncommunicable Diseases (MonAM) 
www.obsan.admin/.. Swiss Health Observatory (Obsan) The HBSC study on the WHO-Website Reports and associated materials of the 2018 international study

The HBSC survey in Switzerland Addiction Monitoring in Switzerland  The HBSC survey in the canton Fribourg

The international HBSC survey The HBSC survey in French-speaking Belgium The HBSC survey in Austria The HBSC survey in Germany The HBSC survey in France The HBSC survey in Italy International report from the 2013/2014 survey
www.jea.sagepub/.. Special issue of «The Journal of Early Adolescence» on the HBSC study, i.a.



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